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When I use my brakes (especially at higher speeds) my car shutters and my pedal vibrates. I had a brake job not too long ago but it's been getting worse.
The most likely cause of your vibration is warped front brake rotors, the thinner the rotors get after being machined during a brake job the less heat will dissapate from the rotors causing them to warp, but it is always a good idea to make an appointment at your local service center to have a certified technician verify the problem
I have a '97 Mitsubishi with 80K miles and a 4 speed automatic tranny that sometimes clunks when shifting from 1st to 2nd under normal acceleration. And twice within the last month it's slipped out of gear and I've had to let off the gas momentarily so that it can re-engage. Is my tranny shot?
The first thing I would recommend is to check the fluid level. If it's full and not very dirty (brown in color) I would get it in to your local shop for exact diagnosis before condeming the transmission itself, but from your question it does sound possible for the transmission to have internal problems.